...and thanx for stopping by this resume and portfolio of my art and experiences so far working as a special makeup and effects artist, sculptor, and prop maker in the film industry. I hope that you will find this a useful tool in evaluating my qualifications for any of your production needs.

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Please take a look HERE for a complete resume, and HERE for samples of my work.


My background:

Some of the shops / companies I've worked with:

  • Stan Winston Studio/Legacy Effects
  • The Character Shop
  • Animal Makers Inc.
  • Vincent Guastini Productions
  • Global Effects Inc.
  • Edge Innovations
  • Trans FX Inc.
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • ID Software
  • Radio Films
  • Invasion Entertainment
  • ...and more!

Services offered:

  • Animatronics
  • Bodies/Corpses
  • Casualty Simulation
  • Costumes
  • Creature Design
  • Custom Teeth
  • Silicone/Gelatine/Foam Latex Prosthetics
  • Fiberglassing & Fiberglass Molds
  • Foam Sculpting
  • Graphic Design
  • Halloween Haunt FX
  • Life Casting
  • Make-Up Effects
  • Moldmaking
  • Silicone/Latex Mask Making
  • Old Age Makeup
  • Painting/Finishing
  • Professional Photography
  • Custom Props
  • Sculpture
  • Set Construction
  • Stage Makeup
  • and Toy Prototyping
  • ...and more!





Some of my past experiences.

Tim Northon

Tim Northon

I'm a dependable, hard-working, Hollywood experienced, practical effects, makeup, and props artist (now living in Northern California) with a body of work that includes both mainstream and independent genres, as well as other mediums and media. I have worked with both large and small companies, productions, and budgets, and have worked for some of the most recognized FX shops in LA.

Take a look at some of my past work >>>


Paramount Pictures, Stan Winston Studio Art Department / Mold Shop

Pigs and Goose - molds and fabrication.

New Line Cinema, The Character Shop

Animatronic Snakes Sculptor / Fabricator / Painter.

Walt Disney Pictures, Stan Winston Studio Art Department

Whale Carcass fabrication.

Profound Images, Vincent Guastini Productions

Sculptor - Satan / Goat Head

Gravity Entertainment Vincent Guastini Productions

Sculptor - various injury appliances & "Hanging" Body sculpt.

Paramount Pictures, Stan Winston Studio Art Department

"Red Weed" & "Wrecked Tripod" paint, fabrication, and set tech.

Sony Pictures, Global Effects Inc. Art Department

Spacesuits, helmets and jetpack props - Fabrication, Mold, and Paint.

Walt Disney Pictures, Global Effects Inc. Art Department

“Royal Pain” helmets and costume props Fabrication, Mold, and Paint.

20th Century Fox, Global Effects Inc. Art Department - Costume armor vests

Fabrication and repair.

20th Century Fox, Global Effects Inc.

Art Department Spacesuits - Fabrication.

Brickyard Films

Special Makeup Effects - Prosthetics.

Warner Bros., Edge Innovations - Art Department

Prop swordfish carcass animatronic and "guttable" swordfish fabrication.

Invasion Entertainment

Special Makeup Effects Prosthetics / Props.



CBS Television, Animal Makers Inc.

Animatronic Bats Lead Sculptor / Fabricator / Painter.



Off The Hook Productions

Prop bodies, skeletons, guts, makeup & prosthetics Fabrication, Mold, and Paint.

Stan Winston Studio

Art Department - Construction of large scale washer and dryer, TV & remote, mixer, ring, and drill props.

Stan Winston Studio

Large toy dinosaur heads - molds and fabrication.

TFX Inc.

Construction of full-scale drone mock-up fabrication and paint.

ID Software / focus2

Sculpted, molded, cast, and painted character prop busts for software cover art.

Tim Northon

Construction of 2 Prop "Tikis" for the beach area of the hotel. (sculpt and paint).


Have a look at some of my work.

Creature FX

"The Perfect Storm"

"The Perfect Storm"

"War of the Worlds"

"War of the Worlds"

"Snakes on a Plane"

"Snakes on a Plane"

"Snakes on a Plane"

"Charlotte's Web"

"Eight Below"

"Eight Below"


Septimus Pretorius



Alien Bust

Bug Alien

Old Guy

"Vampire Bats" - CBS

"Vampire Bats" - CBS

"Vampire Bats" - CBS

"Vampire Bats" - CBS

Hanging Victim

"Ultraman" bust

Corpse Head


"Gammy and Morgan"

"The Wicked"

"Mummy" Sculpt



Makeup FX





"Buffy-style" vampire

"Making Something Up"

Burn makeup

Burn makeup

"Planet of the Apes" Sculpt

"Primal Scream"

"Primal Scream"

"Primal Scream"


"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" vests

"Zathura" jetpack

"Zathura" jetpack

"Zathura" spacesuit

"Zathura" model car prop

"War of the Worlds"

"Sky High"

Microsoft Dinos

Sears "Wish Big" ads

"Autopsy gone wrong"

"Zombie victim" body prop

"Zombie victim" body prop

"Zombie victim" body prop

...more zombie victims

Skull Wall Blood Fountain

Prop Pirate Corpse

"Mini-Gun" prop

Giant nose & glasses prop.

Eminiar Disruptor prop

Klingon communicator prop

"Environmental Suit"



Robot parts

"The Devil Takes a Holiday"


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